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Yuchai and Dongfeng Liuzhou Motor March into the Market of Ethiopia

Recently, Yuchai Group, Dongfeng Liuzhou Motor Company and its agents held a product promotion together in the capital of Ethiopia, Addis Ababa, and 16 exporters are involved in it. The product promotion received nine orders of 400hp tractors and 12 orders of 340hp dumpers, which were all equipped with Yuchai’s engines.

In recent years, Ethiopia has been moving rapidly to build its infrastructure and develop its agriculture with an average economic growth of more than 10%, a growth faster than that of all African countries and ranking first.
However, because of the scarce resources in Ethiopia, the huge trade deficit, strict foreign exchange controls and agents’ neglect, it’s quite hard for Yuchai and Dongfeng Liuzhou Motor Company to develop there. After over a year’s efforts, Yuchai and Dongfeng Liuzhou Motor Company finally find a way that agents and exporters promote imports together, laying a foundation for the further development in Ethiopia.