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Dongfeng Kinland 8×4 Truck Beats Imported Trucks

Six months ago, Shenghui Logistics, one of the largest logistic companies in Fujian, placed an order of 20 units Dongfeng Kinland 8×4 trucks. How did Dongfeng beat all other competitive brands from overseas?

1) Its uniquely fashionable appearance
With a more dynamic and more streamlined appearance, Dongfeng Kinland 8×4 truck possess an irresistible charm.
2) Its spacious interior room
With more spacious interior room and a more comfortable working environment for drivers, Dongfeng Kinland 8×4 truck has a bunk bed measuring 90 centimeters in width.
3) Its higher fuel economy
Equipped with Dongfeng Cummins ISL9.5-315 engine, Dongfeng Kinland 8×4 truck boasts a torque of 1,250 N.m. In addition, its Fast 12-speed transmission gearbox helps the vehicle deliver more smooth and stable performances, achieving higher fuel efficiency.