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Miou is located in Shiyan, Hubei province, thebiggest automobile manufacturing base of China. Our company isspecializing in R & D, manufacture and sal...
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Dongfeng Captain Built for City Delivery
Release on2018-08-17As part of modern logistics, city delivery has added a range of new features including “big varieties, small quantity, multiple batches and short cyc...Read More
26 Units Dongfeng Trucks Soon to Start Operation in Tanzania
Release on2018-05-26On May 19, Dongfeng Commercial Vehicle Co., Ltd. (hereafter referred to as Dongfeng) officially signed a agreement for strategic cooperation with Jian...Read More
Dongfeng Held a Forum on Intelligent and Connected Vehicles Tech
Release on2018-05-10Recently, Dongfeng Commercial Vehicle Co., Ltd. (hereafter referred to as Dongfeng) held a meeting on intelligent connected commercial vehicle technol...Read More
560 Horsepower Dongfeng Cummins ISZ 13L Engine Officially Released
Release on2017-03-18On March 14, Dongfeng Tianlong China Truck Drivers’ Competition (the third season) revealed its curtain. At the opening ceremony, the 560 horsepower ...Read More
cheapest price of truck with crane
Release on2017-03-10Dongfeng Zhengmeng Special Purpose Vehicle Co., Ltd which has been one of the market leaders for special vehicle in China since 1979. Our leading prod...Read More
60 Dongfeng Captain E280 Delivered to Nanjing Food Company
Release on2017-02-22Start of year 2007, a Nanjing food company purchased 60 Dongfeng Captain E280 as the special delivery vehicles. Dongfeng and the food company held the...Read More
New 5 tons straight arm EQ5160JSQZM1 lorry crane manufacturers
Release on2017-02-08Lorry crane truck, also known as the truck crane, in some places under the habit, also known as car cranes, since the crane. Set for the hoisting and ...Read More
Dongfeng 5000L water sprinkling tank truck
Release on2017-01-02   Dongfeng 5000L water sprinkling tank truck   V...Read More
Remember the outdoor expansion of network association
Release on2016-11-08Experienced a rainy October, finally sunny days. Miou and thenetwork association buddies took part in a spectacular barbecue +9.5 kmoutdoor hiking! G...Read More
MIOU outward organization training in April
Release on2016-04-05In order to stimulate staff's work enthusiasm and establish conception of teamwork by communicate actively, mutual trust, unity and cooperation . For...Read More
Egypt--- All auto parts people desire to share the huge cake
Release on2016-03-22Hubei Miou Special Automobile Technology Co., Ltd. asinvited company participated in the exhibition of Automech Formula inCairo Egypt. Automech Fo...Read More
Integrity, import and export trade company "a gilded signboard"
Release on2016-03-15The ancients often say "people without a letter and not made, trustworthy in word and resolute in deed", evaluation of a person's moral yardstick "let...Read More
EQUIP AUTO Show in Algeria had ended successfully!
Release on2016-03-04March 3, 2016. EQUIP AUTO Show in Algeria had ended successfully! Hubei Miou Special Vehicle Technology Co., Ltd. as invited company participated in ...Read More