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Volvo to examine lightweighting as part of SuperTruck II project

GREENSBORO, N.C. — Volvo Group North America says it will be participating in the US Department of Energy’s SuperTruck II program.

It will match US$20 million in federal funding to explore ways of improving the freight-moving efficiency of heavy-duty trucks under the program.

Volvo Group will use alternative engine designs and an integrated systems approach to build a lightweight tractor-trailer concept that exceeds the freight efficiency goal of 100% improvement on a ton-mile-per-gallon basis, the company says. The baseline will be a 2009 tractor-trailer. Volvo also plans to demonstrate a powertrain capable of a 55% improvement in brake thermal efficiency.

It will be working with Michelin, Wabash National, Metalsa, Johnson-Matthey, Oak Ridge National Laboratory, Peloton Technology, Pennsylvania State University, Knight Transportation and Wegmans Food Markets.