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The cause of the engine oil consumption?

Resulting in excessive consumption of engine lubricants, mainly the following eight, followed by NACO Nack to see if your car is one of them?
1, the body parts of the seal is not strict, lubrication system oil spills.
Remedy: should be based on the location of oil spills, replace all kinds of gaskets or oil seals to ensure its sealing.
2, oil pan oil level is too high. At this time, the excess oil will be burned into the combustion chamber, resulting in excessive consumption of oil.
Remedy: should release excess oil, so that the oil storage in the standard range.
3, the turbocharger problem. The seal between the turbocharger and the intake manifold is damaged, causing oil to burn. The main reason is the replacement of oil cycle is too long or the use of poor quality oil, resulting in a floating turbine main shaft lack of lubrication and heat, thereby damaging the oil seal, resulting in oil spills.
Remedy: replace the oil seal, with high-quality oil.
4, the piston ring damage, stuck or broken, can not afford the role of scraping oil. Under normal circumstances, the crankshaft spin splashed, used to lubricate the cylinder wall of the oil, often scraped piston ring flow back to the oil pan. When the piston ring wear, stuck or broken, scraping oil performance or can not afford the role of scraping oil, so that oil into the combustion chamber combustion, resulting in increased oil consumption.
Remedy: Replace all the new piston rings.
5, the piston ring counterparts, opening gap is too large, the gap increases, the formation of pump oil phenomenon. When the piston ring on the mouth, not only reduce the power, and lubricating oil through the mouth of the piston ring into the combustion chamber combustion. When the piston ring opening, the end face and the piston ring groove wear, oil will pass through a road piston ring pump into the cylinder level, resulting in excessive consumption of oil.
If the piston ring and the piston ring groove wear, should update the piston and the piston ring groove to adjust the piston ring and the piston ring groove, the piston ring and the piston ring can be adjusted; Piston rings.
6, wear cylinder liner, the gap between the piston and the cylinder is too large, so that the cylinder liner and piston ring with the poor, resulting in excessive consumption of oil. When the overall wear or partial wear cylinder liner, so that the gap between the piston is too large, the piston ring and cylinder liner can not be a good match, resulting in scraping performance degradation, and even some parts can not fit scraping oil, leaving oil burning, Consumption is too large.
Remedy: Change the matching cylinder piston cylinder, piston ring, or directly replace the new cylinder liner.
7, piston ring conical surface mounted anti-reverse ring installed wrong. When the piston ring conical surface mounted, the combination of the reverse ring ring installed wrong, not only can not put the cylinder liner oil scraped into the oil pan, but will the oil scraped into the combustion chamber combustion, increase oil consumption.
Remedy: to install a variety of piston rings as required.
8, valve wear, gap is too large. Valve wear, lubrication for the rocker arm and valve oil will be through the valve tube and the valve stem between the gap into the cylinder combustion, resulting in increased consumption of oil.
Remedy: Replace the valve guide.