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Miou is located in Shiyan, Hubei province, thebiggest automobile manufacturing base of China. Our company isspecializing in R & D, manufacture and sal...
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Shaanxi Automobile Group Holdings Limited (hereinafter referred to as Shaanqi Holdings), headquartered in Shaanxi city of Xi'an Province, was founded in 1968 the Shaanxi automobile factory, has a staff of more than 3.2 people, with total assets of 38 billion 400 million yuan, under the jurisdiction of Shaanxi auto Refco Group Ltd and Shaanxi automobile industry Limited company of two subsidiaries, mainly engaged in heavy-duty military off-road vehicles and heavy the truck, light truck, large and medium-sized passenger cars, mini car, mini bridge, Cummings engines and parts development, production, sales and related automobile service trade and auto finance business, R & D and production of "Yanan" brand heavy military off-road vehicle has participated in the 35 anniversary of national day, the 50 anniversary and the 60 anniversary of the parade. Become the only designated military equipment and heavy military off-road vehicle production base and the first automobile export base. At present, Shaanxi Auto heavy truck have been exported to Europe, Africa, Asia and the Middle East and other countries and regions, more than 80, in South Africa, Ethiopia, Iran, Kazakhstan countries realize the localization of production, export volume consecutive years among the forefront of the industry.
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