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Automobile brake maintenance

2016-09-05 09:50:57
Believe that often car friends all know, automobile in use process, as long as a parking will use the handbrake. Because the driver leaves the vehicle, if not with the hand brake, the vehicle is likely to slide and may cause an accident. But we must remind the majority of riders, in fact, the hand brake and not universal insurance, because the hand brake performance will decline with increasing frequency of use and slow. Sometimes, you have to pull up the hand brake, but because the brake system failure resulting in the accident. So the majority of riders should periodically to the hand brake the car maintenance and check for proper. Guangzhou Wanxing auto trade limited company and we share together the note brake maintenance check.
Sure hand brake handle work position
The brake pedal and foot, hand brake handle also have a pull schedule. Usually, when the handle to the whole trip shuthelah 70%, hand brake system should be in a normal brake position, so the braking force in check brake before, should first find the 70% operating point, the working point can be obtained by the sound of several ratchet to determine. You can park the car in a quiet place, slowly pull the handbrake, side and a number of the ratchet snickering sound, until the handle to the end. And then calculate the total number of sound the 70% position, the position is the hand brake handle work point.
Check the hand brake the efficiency of institutions
Drive the car up the steep, good road conditions the best is the asphalt road on the slope, put on the brakes, idling if it is the automatic transmission is hanging in N block, the hand brake handle pull to determine its position of just now. Then slowly loosen the brake pedal, if the vehicle does not slide, that means the hand brake performance is good. Uphill and downhill should do it a second time.
High speed Mo with the hand brake
There are many owners that meets the brake failure, can pull the handbrake to slow down, actually this kind of practice is very dangerous. Because the brake mechanism is not precise, the left and right sides of the braking force distribution is uneven, driving at high speed brake is easy to make one side of the rear wheel lockup, sideslip. The correct way is to slow down the reduction gear, the speed is very low before pulling handbrake car braking.
The sensitivity test of the handbrake
In addition to the braking efficiency, should also check the brake sensitivity, it is especially important for slope starting. In the absence of the slope of the road driving slowly, slowly pulling handbrake handle, the handle and the sensitivity to feel the junction. This method will make the brake mechanism and wear, so the number of inspections should not be too much. During the inspection, if found brake braking efficiency or sensitivity is not ideal, can often be resolved through the operation of cable adjustment brake. In connection with the bottom cable brake handle generally by the interior cover has an adjustable compensation mechanism, with a wrench to loosen the lock nut, you can brake cable length tension. Some automotive adjustment mechanism is arranged on the bottom, if inconvenient adjustment, should be handled by a professional repair personnel.