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Common faults of telescopic mechanism of crane

2017-03-17 10:43:23
Suspension arm expansion and contraction mechanism will generally be due to balance valve damping hole plug or balance valve spring deformation and other reasons leading to telescopic arm stretched out of the frame will appear when the jitter and abnormal sound or telescopic arm sometimes can not retract or telescopic arm automatically Shen. Here to analyze the cause of the crane crane arm stretching mechanism jitter or telescopic arm can not retract the reasons and solutions.
Resulting in the crane crane arm expansion mechanism failure generally have the following reasons:
1, the balance valve damp hole plug or balance the valve spring deformation.
2, telescopic cylinder running piston and cylinder, piston rod and guide sleeve will be issued between the sound, and often accompanied by crawling and vibration.
3, the telescopic arm and the nylon sleeve between the gap is small, box-shaped telescopic arm distortion, deflection error, telescopic arm and the basic arm between the slider lubrication and bad wear and tear will be issued a serious sound.
4, rope stretching system sound, may be between the rope and telescopic arm or between the pulley and the friction between the shaft.