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Dongfeng Daily Production Reached 600 Trucks in the First Work Day

2017-02-16 10:48:52
In January, domestic heavy truck market had an excellent situation. 82000 units of all kinds of trucks have been delivered, up by 9% month on month, even up by 122% year on year. This sales data also hit a record high in January in the past six years.

The whole industry is hot, Dongfeng is one of the best. In January, the company delivered 14000 units, up by 87% year on year, taking 17.1% of the market share.

A heavy snow promises a good harvest. On February 7, the first snow after Spring Festival in Dongfeng Shiyan Base, the sudden drop temperature can not stop the enthusiasm that all Dongfeng staff started operation. The Vice President and General Manager of Dongfeng Yang Qing, the Secretary of Party Committee and Vice General Manager Zhang Tongzu visited and showed concern to all departments and units.

Faced to the fiery situation in the industry, Dongfeng make great efforts to do their best. Everyone proves their fighting will in action. On the start day, Equipment operating rate reached 100%, and the daily production was up to 600.

Since then, everyone did their best to put all things into operation. A good start in the industry, and a good start in Dongfeng.