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Dongfeng Delivered 7 of Its Engineering Trucks to China Railway

2019-07-08 16:08:17

On July 1st, 7 units of Dongfeng engineering trucks were delivered to China Railway during a ceremony. These trucks will be primarily used for railway construction, overhaul and maintenance operations.

To carry out railway overhaul and maintenance operations, for the third time, China railway made the purchase for Dongfeng Yufeng engineering trucks. Before this, China railway had placed two other orders for Dongfeng Yufeng engineering trucks in the year of 2015 and 2017. All these Trucks had been operating smooth for railway construction in the areas under their jurisdiction.

As the rapid development of China’s high-speed railway, the distance between cities are becoming closer. More and more maintenance operation needs to be carried out overhaul trucks during the long-term railway operation, so the demand for engineering trucks increases significantly.

At present, Dongfeng Yufeng has been recognized by China railway for its high quality, premier service and will hold more and more market share as the incoming launching its national 6 edition.