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First CKD Dongfeng KX Rolls Off the Line in Iran

2017-03-03 10:02:05
On February 15, 2017, the first completely knocked down (CKD) Dongfeng KX is successfully offline in Iran. It is the first high-level CKD heavy truck that Dongfeng manufactured with Iran’s KD factory, and also another successful model range after Dongfeng KL and KR products launched in Iran in 2008.

Dongfeng KX vehicles, exporting in CKD mode, encounters great difficulties in the exporting process as there is no mature experience to take reference. In order to make sure the successful package of KD parts, staff from technical department, SCM department make deep exchange with technicians of assembly factory on the parts, tools, packing, production process, so on and so forth, and finally make agreement on KD packing and delivery. They conduct packing tests on vulnerable and irregular parts and make different packing solutions for various parts to ensure all packages conforming to standards. All this clears out obstacles for the coming formal packing.

On February 2, 2017, 5 outstanding and experienced technicians from Dongfeng assembly factory pay a visit to Iran to instruct assembly. After arrival, they shoulder their respective responsibilities and work together with local technicians to train local staff and ensure the assembly quality and production process in strict accordance with quality standard and technical process, so that Iran Dongfeng KX has the same remarkable quality in local market with Chinese Dongfeng.

After 10 days of hard work, on February 15, the first Iran Dongfeng KX - CKD Dongfeng KX that gathers both sides’ efforts and wisdom officially got offline.

Currently, another 24 CKD Dongfeng KX is under assembly process and all related quality appraisal work is ongoing in on orderly way.