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“Made-in-China” Dongfeng Cummins Engine Achieved Gizan Industrial Park

2017-01-03 10:30:39
Invested by Aramco, covers an area of over one hundred square kilometers, the Saudi Gizan Industrial Park is like a large engineering center, and an international engineering machinery exhibition.

The harsh construction environment has trail on not only thousands of construction people but also the engineering machinery and power generating units. In the park, we can see the construction machine from the United States and Europe, Japan and South Korea, but also see a lot of engineering machinery from China such as SANY, ZOOMLION, XCMG and so on. If you open the engine nacelle, you’ll find that they are all equipped with Dongfeng Cummins engine. The engine has been the first choice that China automobile and construction vehicles equipped when they are exported to the overseas.

In Gizan Industrial Park, Chinese brands have won the market and users' trust with the superior quality meanwhile competing with the international bands. The Made-in-China is acknowledged as the new symbol, representing the technology, quality and new image of China. As a "quality changes the world", Dongfeng Cummins Engine Co., Ltd.(DCEC) is heading to the world accompanied by Made-in-China. With the quality of China to change the world, (DCEC) is proceeding with building a better life!