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New Generation of Dongfeng KR Rolls off the Line

2018-06-01 14:59:22
On April 16th, Dongfeng announced that the latest generation of Dongfeng KR is rolling off its No.1 assembly workshop and will start full production. Dongfeng KR is a key player in medium truck market and this rolling off will further its footprints across China.

Dongfeng KR project, as a new generation of platform developed for medium truck, has begun in 2015. Going into the specifics, the new generation of KR is powered by an Euro 6 compliant engine capable of producing strong power. Apart from strong power, Dongfeng says the KR also features optimum fuel economy, comfort, reliability, uptime and safety. It is then mated to an innovative transmission and rear axle and can be used in multiple applications like car carrier trailers and municipal sanitation. It is able to bring more comfortable driving experience through an improved damper. Dongfeng KR looks full of scientific elements with an integration of telematics, communication, entertainment and video. On safety, Dongfeng KR has proved they can be relied on based the lane keeping system and blind spot detection system. With adoptions of the most advanced technology like intelligence and internet, Dongfeng KR can be called an elaborate product with hard work. 

In the future, the No.1 assembly workshop will be used for the production of both old and new generation of Dongfeng KR in a mixing-flow mode. The full production of Dongfeng KR will ensure it to continue taking a lead in the truck industry.