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Miou is located in Shiyan, Hubei province, thebiggest automobile manufacturing base of China. Our company isspecializing in R & D, manufacture and sal...
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cheapest price of truck with crane

2017-03-10 10:08:26
Dongfeng Zhengmeng Special Purpose Vehicle Co., Ltd which has been one of the market leaders for special vehicle in China since 1979.
Our leading productions include Truck mounted Crane, dump truck, water truck, garbage truck, fecal suctiontruck, Sewage suction truck, road sweeper, fuel tank truck, high-altitude operation truck, trainer truck, semi-Trailer,fire fighting truck,van truck and so on.
With the 40 years' hard work,we export vehicles to Russia, Ukraine, Kazakhstan, Azerbaijan, Iran, Iraq, Algeria, Turkey, Brazil, Thailand, Vietnam, Angola etc.

straight arm crane advantage
1.Single cylinder synchronization guy cable technology make work efficiency more higher than before
2.Advanced research development means  make sure that the design is very reliable
3.compact hinge point design take up smaller space
4. The more symmetrical center design of Pentagon and hexagon boom make it has bigger anti- bending capacity
5.the work is more safety after fitted with over-wind alarm equipment
6. The Integral lifting winch improved the word efficiency greatly and prolonged work life of hydraulic system
7.float three-point bridge structure design can lower the accession stress on the chassis when traveling
8.Self-designed and developed slewing machine with greater drive force can meet varied requirement of working
9.Anti-slewing impulse equipment that make vehicle running safely