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“10,000 People Paying Visits to Factory” Produces XCMG Orders of 1000 Units

2017-04-18 11:15:17
Recently, attracted by “10,000 People Paying Visits to Factory” activity, a Guangdong delegation of more than 30 people led by top management of the company pays a visit to XCMG Xuzhou factory. After experiencing XCMG’s enterprise culture, the company signs an order of more than 40 mixers. By far, near 1,000 people have participated in this activity and over 1,000 units of products are sold in this way, covering tractors, dumpers and mixers.

“10,000 People Paying Visits to Factory” is an innovative brand promotion mode launched by XCMG last year and will be further promoted this year. Users and agencies can experience XCMG’s intelligent manufacturing by paying visits to the manufacturing base. Visitors are greatly impressed with XCMG’s large automatic pressing equipment, high-end intelligent welding robots and China’s largest U-shape chassis assembly line. Well-trained staff, strict quality inspection, advanced production technique and clean environment enable visitors to have some insight into XCMG’s culture and brand connotation. At the same time, during the visits, XCMG attach great importance to gather the different demands and feedbacks from users in different areas in order to provide more accurate information to the specific R&D.

Since spring, there are 17 groups of visitors from Henan, Shandong, Guangdong, Hebei and Jiangsu to experience XCMG’s “excellent quality and superior value”. XCMG will invite more users through this activity to increase brand awareness and reputation, which will further facilitate XCMG to reach its “54321” goal.