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Lifting hoisting safety knowledge

2017-04-15 10:59:23
1, lifting and lifting is a dangerous operation, there should be a special construction program. In order to prevent accidental injury, the guard should be set around the work area as required, and a clear sign should be set up to prevent the entry of unrelated personnel.
Lifting and lifting work, all personnel should be based on field conditions to choose a safe location operations. In the area where the hoist and the pulley cross the wire rope, the person is allowed to stand and pass.
During the lifting process must set someone command, other personnel must obey the command.
2, hanging material must be clear before the actual weight of the object, are not allowed to lift unknown weight and buried in the ground object.
When the weight is not fixed hanging point, must be selected according to the provisions of hanging points and tied firmly, so that heavy objects in the lifting process to maintain balance and hanging point does not produce displacement.
3, lifting the command staff are not allowed to serve as the Secretary (hook) workers, should carefully observe the surrounding environment, to ensure that the signal is correct.
4, component storage precautions
A. The storage area of ​​the component should be flat and solid. Components stacked with a wooden square pad, must be solid, not allowed to high. Each layer of wood up and down alignment, component legislation must be stable, if necessary, to set the appropriate support.
B. Prohibit unrelated personnel in the stacking of the components through, to prevent the occurrence of component collapse crowded into the accident.
5, the use of commonly used lifting tools precautions
A. Manual down: the operator should be trained, hanging material should be linked after the pull slowly pull down the chain, not diagonal pull pull. When a person can not move, should identify the reasons, prohibit many people together.
B. Hand hoist: the operator should be trained, check the use of self-locking clamp device before the reliability, when the clamping rope, should be able to reciprocate, or prohibited.
C. Jack: the operator should be trained, jack placed on the formation of a solid ground, and pad wood or steel plate to prevent the ground subsidence. The top contact with the smooth surface should be pad hardwood to prevent sliding. Start the operation should gradually rise, pay attention to prevent the top crooked, always maintain the balance of heavy objects.