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60 Dongfeng Captain E280 Delivered to Nanjing Food Company

2017-02-22 09:36:27
Start of year 2007, a Nanjing food company purchased 60 Dongfeng Captain E280 as the special delivery vehicles. Dongfeng and the food company held the delivery ceremony. 

Dongfeng Captain was launched for the domestic light truck market to achieve efficient transportation. Captain E280 has excellent performance on load capacity, power, comfort, safety and durability. The equipped Dongfeng D28 engine employed the NISSAN and ISUZU technology and the max power is 116hp, and trucks deliver better fuel economy.

Dongfeng Captain E280 is equipped with ABS braking assist that greatly reduce the risk of braking and improve traffic safety. Increase the front and rear protection and strengthen the impact resistance of the body to improve safety; Rear-view mirror upgrade, let you travel in 360°without blind spots. Except the performance upgrade, Dongfeng Captain E280 also paid more attention to the truck durability, the truck has passed a reliability test of 200 thousand km and beyond and road test of more than 80 thousand kilometers which can fully meet the customers’ requirements for truck reliability and durability.