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What are the precautions for the operation of the sprinkler?

2017-02-21 09:00:48
⑴ the requirements of the water:
When the sprinkler using the river ditch, pond as a water source, pay attention to the end of the suction pipe all the water. In order to avoid inhalation of stones or more sediment, drift, the end of the suction pipe is generally equipped with a filter device, the filter is strictly prohibited to remove the filter. If the water is shallow, you need to dig some water in advance to ensure that no debris and do not enter the air. Different sprinkler pumps on the water requirements are different, the water pump requires water can not have impurities, turbid water pump is required to have no stones and too much water in the water.
⑵ plus water:
Centrifugal water pump before each water must be added to the pump into a certain amount of water, plus must be closed after the nozzle. Self-priming pump for the first time, you need to add water, then do not have to add water.
⑶ inlet pipe must be vacuum:
Water intake system must maintain a certain degree of vacuum in order to water into the box. Intake pipe system must be sealed and reliable, the hose can not be damaged, the tube can not have cracks, otherwise it will produce leakage phenomenon, it will not absorb the water situation.
⑷ parking file:
Whether the sprinkler is in front of the water, or before the water sprinkler,
⑸ winter water:
Before the winter comes, the water in the pump and the water pipe should be vented to prevent cracking. China's northern winter is generally no longer construction, so after the end of the construction, the water pump and water immediately emptied to prevent future trouble.
⑹ sprinkler Note:
Hubei sprinkler before the nozzle position is low, close to the ground, spray pressure, can be used to rinse the road; after the nozzle position is higher (sprinkler nozzle generally installed around one), sprinkler wide, can be used for highway construction Sprinkler, the nozzle should be used when the nozzle should be closed; use adjustable nozzle sprinkler, the sprinkler width can be adjusted according to need. The wider the sprinkler width, the less the middle overlap, the more uniform the sprinkler density.
⑺ lubrication and fastening:
In the course of the use of regular lubrication of the transmission assembly of the lubrication point, often tighten the connection point to ensure the normal use.
⑻ regular discharge sprinkler storage tank with a sewage pipe, the pipe imports for the lowest point of the tank. After a period of use, should regularly open the sewage pipe switch, the accumulation of debris in the tank until the water becomes clear.