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Cold winter familiar with the low temperature, car maintenance beauty knowledge

2016-12-06 09:40:25
1, the winter season to the use of the heater, heater system to stop using for a long time, there will be a failure, so you have to first try the hot air, the fan running abnormal sound, duct is unobstructed. Sometimes encountered in the warm water pipes in the long-term antifreeze does not flow, clogging the circulation loop, although not affect the traffic, maintenance is very troublesome, so have the problem must be promptly to the repair shop repair.
2, need to check antifreeze. The amount of antifreeze must be appropriate, the maintenance station recommended antifreeze is changed every two years, but mixed antifreeze must be replaced one year. Note that different brands of different models of products do not mix. Followed by oil. Winter lubrication of the vehicle requires a higher, if you use the summer oil must be replaced, the use of a longer time, color black, poor adhesion of the oil should be replaced to ensure the smooth start of the engine.
3, the winter can be replaced when the high-scale gasoline, if you usually use the 90 gasoline can be changed to 93 gasoline. Because the winter car environment temperature is low, the use of high-grade gasoline ignition point higher, a little more ignition capability.
4, although the use of glass cleaning fluid in the winter will be significantly reduced, but can not be ignored. Some people use water and clear water instead of the others, but those substitutes often freeze in winter, so they can not be used in winter. In the winter below zero degrees Celsius should be replaced in the winter frost resistant glass cleaning fluid, or in which an appropriate proportion of alcohol can be achieved to reduce the freezing point, the purpose of frost.
5, the winter before the best body for the car to do a "beauty." Because after the winter cold, scrub the number of vehicles will be reduced, so early winter waxing is a good way to maintain the paint. Also played the body of the wax is not easy to occupy the water, the winter is not prone to condensation of ice phenomenon.
6, the lights in the black light bulbs should be replaced as soon as possible, but also check the fog lights, brake lights situation. Easy to breeze in winter, low visibility, rear-end accidents are particularly high, so the fog lights, high brake lights work is normal, but also the safety of winter traffic protection.
7, the battery is most afraid of low temperature, low temperature environment, the battery capacity at room temperature than the capacitance is much lower. Therefore, before the arrival of the cold season, should be added to the battery electrolyte, adjust the proportion of the electrolyte. At the same time clean the battery terminal, and coated with special oil to be protected to ensure reliable start to extend the battery life. If the vehicle is parked in the open air or garage for several weeks, remove the battery and store in a warmer room to prevent damage to the battery.
8, tire rubber winter hard and relatively brittle, friction coefficient will be reduced, the tire pressure is not too high, but not too low. External air temperature is low, the tire pressure is too low, the soft tire will seriously accelerate aging. Winter tires should always clean up the inclusions, try to avoid the use of more than one tires, replace the wear and tear of different brands of different tires. Tires wear very different from inside and outside, in order to ensure safety, reduce wear and tear, should be replaced regularly tire position.