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Dongfeng Liuzhou Motor Lightweight Trailer Launched

2016-12-08 10:19:42

Recently, a lightweight blow swept across the trucks industry. Manufacturers have produced lightweight trucks, who may be afraid that the competition will take away their customers. Under this background, Dongfeng Liuzhou Motor also launched a new lightweight truck, 6X4 trailer, and its lowest weight reached 7.8 tons. The drive axle of the tractor uses big single tyre 425/65R22.5, since big single tyre compared to dual tyres can reduce the weight of the truck.


The truck wheelbase is 3300mm+1350mm and that’s the part wheelbase what we say. At present, the domestic 6x4 lightweight tractors generally use such a wheelbase. In addition, there are three versions of spring suspension of the truck to choose, three front springs and four rear springs, two front springs and three rear springs or three front springs and rear air bag suspension.


According to the different configuration, the truck may have different weight, 7.8 tons and 8.2 tons. Through the judgment of the truck configuration, the 7.8 tons truck has WP10 engine, and the 8.2 tons truck has WP13 engine.
The truck is equipped with Weifang Diesel engine, and there are two engines to choose. They are W10 engine of 375hp and WP13 engine of 500hp which can meet the needs of different users.