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Cummins launches two new ISX12 engine ratings

2016-08-27 11:55:04

DALLAS, Texas – Cummins has announced the release of two new 450-hp ISX12 ratings for linehaul and regional-haul truck markets – the 450 hp with 1,650 lb-ft of peak torque and the 450 hp with 1,450/1,650 lb-ft of peak torque.

The ISX12 engine was originally released in 2010 for a range of trucking applications, and has been continuously refined by Cummins to help meet ongoing performance expectations, as well as bring increased productivity and competitive fuel economy to customers.

“The maintenance is a lot lower with the medium-bore ISX12,” said Williams Tank Lines president Mike Williams, whose company has been predominately using the ISX12 engine. “We’ve had less breakdowns, it’s more dependable, more consistent. We have some that are approaching a million miles, and they haven’t been overhauled.”

Cummins said the 450 hp with 1,650 of peak torque provides the same level of performance as the 15-liter and 13-liter engines but at a much lighter weight, and that the 450 hp with 1,450/1,650 SmartTorque is ideal for applications like tank and bulk haulers transporting heavy material on the way out and return light or with an empty load.

The ISX12 will continue to be available through the end of 2018, with Cummins launching the next-generation X12 at the beginning of that year.