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The new running in stage ten tips how to repair car

2016-08-29 09:02:46
For many people, the car still belongs to the "luxury", with the money to buy back the car, or at least a 10 years. The car is durable and less trouble, and the "period" operation is a great relationship. Generally speaking, the new car before the mileage of 5000 kilometers, all belong to the running in period. Although the new car engines have been "cold running in" in the factory, but the running or not can replace the actual use of running. Then, the new running should pay attention to what the problem? Ten new running skills we might learn that we will introduce, let the car smoothly through this decision "run in period of future happiness".
Skills: a cold necessary preheat
Some people will ask: now the engine technology is more advanced than the former, so pay attention to is still necessary? Of course. This is because, the preheating can help the oil formation "film" between the engine parts and components, thereby reducing the engine parts wear.
Tip two: the driver should timely shift
This technique is mainly based on manual transmission models of. Manual transmission cars driving in the run in period, the shift to timely and appropriate, low speed and low gear high speed error behavior of high gear to avoid long time, do not use a gear of course, except for the highest speed with a case.
The automatic transmission models, the road HERSHEY'S driver needs to continue to accelerate, also note that with the engine speed, avoid rapid throttle acceleration.
Tip three: maintenance must be timely
The new car in the running in period, maintenance must timely. We only need advice in accordance with the specification of the vehicle manufacturers, up to a certain mileage or time after time, vehicle inspection, maintenance, replacement of oil, oil filter, a comprehensive inspection system and chassis.
Tip four: pay more attention to the oil state
In the running in period, the engine is at the key stage "gradually into the state of", tiny metal scraps generated component operation when mixed with oil, if not timely replacement of oil, will increase the engine wear.
It is important to note, that is not in the oil to add any so-called "additive", otherwise The loss outweighs the gain.
Tip five: add fuel to the quality
A lot of new car owners have bought the car in order to save money, save money on food and expenses, everyone will go to some private oil prices relatively low station. However, these oil oil station quality is not guaranteed, for vehicle damage can be big or small.
Tip six: avoid blindly "pull speed"
Many owners have a misunderstanding, thought that the new "pulling speed" is driving too fast, and then put the car into a run on the highway.
Tip seven: avoid long time running speed
Engine long time continuous high work load, it is easy to cause mechanical wear intensifies, especially for new terms. Long time driving on the highway, the car engine is a high load operation.
Tip eight: avoid the vehicle often full load operation
New cars often full load operation in running in period, all belong to the overload, will lead to the increase of the engine and gearbox load. Excessive engine output power due to a high load, if things go on like this will cause excessive wear parts.
Tip nine: try to avoid emergency braking
Emergency brake will not only make the running in the brake system by the impact, but also increase the impact load of vehicle chassis and engine.
Tip ten: do not take the car as "coach car"
Some of the new owner's generous, like to take their own cars to other new practice, but such an approach to the new car is "destroying the car behavior".
Summary: everybody wants to own the car less trouble more durable, but many people often neglect the importance, the running in period of new heart operation, resulting in a new car not fully into the state on the wrong frequency. As a car owner, it is necessary for us to let the car through the running in period is stable, lay a good foundation for the future car long period. Hope ten grinding techniques mentioned in this paper, can help you novice owners