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Dongfeng Motor Company: from the ravine to the world, let the world by China's Dongfeng

2016-11-21 09:58:45
"Pakistan's commercial vehicle market in the past monopoly by the Japanese brand.Now, Dongfeng commercial vehicle sales in Pakistan increased year by year, and its reliable quality and cost-effective to win the trust of customers." Pakistan in the heavy truck import business in the east of the bullock "Said Ahmad Kuriy Khan Khatak, chief executive of Tuo Nisan Nissan.
By the global multi-national economic downturn, China's auto exports this year, the overall decline. Dongfeng Motor Co., a subsidiary of China's second-largest automobile group, is expected to export 5,800 medium-sized heavy-duty trucks to Vietnam, Myanmar, Pakistan, Chile and Peru in a year-on-year increase of 26%.
The predecessor of Dongfeng Commercial Vehicle Company was the heavy-duty commercial vehicle manufacturing business of China's second automobile factory (renamed as Dongfeng Motor Company in 1992), which was built in a remote small ravine of Hubei in the 1960s. But Dongfeng people never looked out In the northwest corner of Hubei.
Dongfeng Commercial Vehicle Company, with the vision of "Realizing the Dongfeng from China to the World", has formulated the three-step strategy: first, to maintain the status of China's leading truck brand, and then to take root in overseas markets, and finally to mature markets; Brand.
In addition to vehicle exports, overseas assembly and assembly plant is also Dongfeng Motor Corporation to enhance overseas sales and accelerate internationalization of the important initiatives. At present, Dongfeng has been in Iran, Russia and other countries and regions set up assembly plants and branch offices, and plans to open the assembly plant to South America in the future.
In the face of some domestic and foreign auto market by the rapid growth to micro-growth or even negative growth, Dongfeng Motor Company Chairman Zhu Yanfeng said: "We should not only have the ability to gain share in the incremental, but also to learn and master the stock, or even "The more serious situation, the greater the difficulties, the more determined to innovation-driven, self-development of the strategic will not waver."
Dongfeng Motor Corporation has been insisting in open cooperation to promote self-development, adhere to openness and cooperation in independent development. In recent years, the company in promoting the joint venture and international development process, more and more attention to improve their core competitiveness.
In 2014, Dongfeng to Europe's second-largest car maker Peugeot Citroen shares 800 million euros, 14% stake, with the French government, the Peugeot family tied for the largest shareholder. At present, the two sides are developing and purchasing, and covering Southeast Asia, the Middle East and Africa, international business and other areas to deepen synergies.
The two sides will build factories in Southeast Asia, the production of Dongfeng, Peugeot, Citroen three brands of passenger cars, while also exploring Dongfeng brand pickup, MPV export business.
Stake in Peugeot Citroen, Dongfeng from the passive acceptance of foreign technology products in the past to change as partners to take the initiative to choose and co-development, Dongfeng's independent innovation and independent brand development level will continue to improve brand value and global image will be further enhanced.
On the other hand, thanks to "Dongfeng", once difficult Peugeot Citroen Group's operating conditions continue to improve in China and Southeast Asian markets to obtain better development.
"Made in China 2025" presented its own brand new energy vehicles annual sales of 3 million target. Dongfeng Motor Corporation has a complete new energy vehicle research and development system, in the "second Five-Year" period 62 models to enter the national demonstration of new energy vehicles directory. Among them, E30 pure electric vehicles integrated a lot of new materials, new technologies and new technology, the national patent 102.
This year, Dongfeng new energy vehicle sales for the first time jumped 10,000 new level, and almost all electric vehicles. "13th Five-Year Plan" period, Dongfeng will accelerate the industrialization of new energy vehicles, the pace of marketization, and will consider new energy vehicle exports.
After nearly half a century of development, the former three-line factory in the mountains has developed into the world's top 500 enterprises. The latest data show that Dongfeng Motor Corporation from January to November this year, the cumulative sales of 3,398,500 vehicles, including 2.99 million passenger cars, commercial vehicles 408,500, Dongfeng own brand car sales accounted for one-third of total sales.