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The world's first commercial flight car appeared

2016-11-17 11:10:23


The two-seat AeroMobi is a flying car and also the world's first commercial vehicle. It may reach nearly 10000 feet above sea level of altitude. It can travel 500 miles by a barrel of unleaded / petrol.

AeroMobil is produced by a Slovak company, AeroMobil, when in the car mode, is parked in a normal parking space and can use the normal fuel provided by the gas station.

Into the flight mode, the car wings open, as if wings, the speed will up to 200 km/h. AeroMobil spokesman Tatiana Veber said: "Our first model looks strange, will have problems in the normal road driving, which for us to improve the concept of flying cars sent a signal, flying cars will be become a part of conventional road traffic.

AeroMobil company said, both for drivers and passengers, Aeromobil is stylish and comfortable, with sports car performance and "ultra-light quality" the perfect combination.