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Dongfeng New Tianlong 6×4 Trailer Launched in the Market

2016-10-27 16:25:34
Under the new regulations of overload, Dongfeng Commercial Vehicle specially designed Dongfeng New Tianlong T39L for Coal transportation and the transportation market of scattered distribution.

1. Light Weight
Dongfeng New Tianlong T39L uses lightweight design, and the lowest weight is 8.2 tons, which is the lowest platform in the industry!

2. Low Fuel Consumption
Equipped with Cummins ISL9.5 engine, the minimum fuel-consumption is 186g/kw.h. Compared to the engines in the same hp, Dongfeng New Tianlong T39L has the max torque, the minimum fuel consumption, the lightest weight and the largest rotation rate.

EBP fuel saving system can help the driver according to different road conditions and bearing, through flexibly shifting between the three gears of power, standard and economy. The fuel consumption can reduce 5%.

3. High-end Comfort
The driving room makes drivers feel easy operation, quiet comfort and safety with spacious, good vision, good sealing and other characteristics. Four-point support fully floating, super wide double sleeper, seat with an airbag, electric heating rear view mirror and other designs greatly improve the ride comfort.