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Dongfeng and Cummins Co-produced “Genesis” Truck

2016-10-26 09:28:50

Dongfeng and Cummins has cooperated for 30 years, and in the new start, there will be new changes.

On October 20, the cooperation project between “Genesis” truck and new generation ISZ engine was started on the 30 anniversary celebration of Dongfeng and Cummins win-win cooperation.

It is known that “Genesis” truck is a smart high efficiency truck product with high technique and advanced technology designed by Dongfeng. It is aimed at setting a new model in commercial vehicles industry and carrying on the technology breakthrough on high efficiency, low carbon and environment protection.

The base truck model of “Genesis” is Dongfeng Tianlong flagship, but the power performance is totally different from the original one. The truck will be equipped with the newest Cummins ISZ diesel engine, that the new engine can upgrade 6-10% thermal efficiency based on meeting the national six emission standard. The lightweight of the truck is obviously increased that in the specified road and working conditions, Travel cycle freight efficiency will be increased by 45%. The fuel consumption is reduced by 30% compared to the base trucks.

Dongfeng expressed that “Genesis” trucks also has strong competitiveness in electric accessories, intelligent cruise control, tire pressure holding system, the rear spoiler and other aspects.

Dongfeng also revealed that the “Genesis” truck is still in a series of testing and research and development, and the final delivery time may be in 2020, followed by the timetable of national VI emission standard implement.