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Dongfeng Plans to Expand Vehicle Lineup for the Korean Market

2018-09-04 10:01:12
China’s state-owned automaker Dongfeng Motor Corp. will expand its vehicle lineup for the South Korean market in hopes to cut deeper into the market dominated by Korean or European and Japanese brands.
Shinwon CK Motors, a Korean car dealer network dedicated to Chinese brands, on Thursday announced to release various new EV models of Dongfeng Automobile Co., the export arm of Dongfeng Motor, by early next year. The models include minibus, 0.5-ton van, and 1-ton truck.
The Chinese brand has been encouraged by solid sales in the Korean market since its products - mostly commercial vehicles - have been shipped by Dongfeng Sokon Automobile Co. (DFSK) devoted to overseas market. Shinwon CK Motors had earlier signed a contract with DFSK to import its mini truck C31 and C32, small freight van C35 and plug-in hybrid (PHEV) sports utility vehicle Glory PHEV. Glory SUV sold 176,000 units in China last year.
The first batch of 300 units was entirely sold out, and the second shipment has recently arrived.
DFSK has an annual output capacity of 500,000 units and ships to 70 countries.
“We’ll expand vehicle lineup and open more sales outlets and maintenance centers for Chinese brand’s vehicles in Korea,” said an official at Shinwon CK Motors.