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Dongfeng Rolls Off Its First KR Full Electric Sanitation Vehicles

2018-11-02 09:54:38
October 18, the first unit of Dongfeng KR full electric sanitation vehicle rolled off the production line 6 at DFAC Assembling plant.

Dongfeng KR electric sanitation vehcile will be offered with a large CATL battery capacity and an increased range. The battery on it now has a capacity of 542Ah and the battery-charge voltage is above 579.6 V, allowing for a longer driving range of up to 365km. In combination with the AMT6 transmission, it has a maximum output of 160kw and delivers a maximum power of 218hp. Over the years, Dongfeng has brought into the country several sanitation equipments ranging from the street sweepers, waste trailers and many others.

Dongfeng has launched its new energy project in March this year. The workshop for new energy production is finished in half year by converting the original production line for bus chassis into one for pure electric vehicles.

The expecting sales order next year is to be up 1000 units as the KZ full electric vehicle series hit the market. In future, DFCV estimates to have an annual capacity of 10,000 units new engery vehicles.