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Dongfeng Reports a 90% Increase in Heavy Trucks during the First 4 Months

2017-05-08 14:34:23
In April, Dongfeng sells almost 17000 units of medium and heavy trucks, up by 46% year on year. The sales volume of heavy trucks reaches 14,382 units, up by 76% year on year. From January to April, Dongfeng sells over 60,000 units of medium and heavy trucks, up by 51% year on year, almost half of the goal set for this year. The sales volume of heavy trucks in the first 4 months is 56,000 units, up by 90% year on year.

Since October, 2016, it has seen a busy season for commercial vehicle sales, especially the high horsepower products, but all those are not available for dongfeng. In 2017, Dongfeng starts combining various resources and research on its own so as to launch new products. With great efforts, Dongfeng Kinland tractor with 450hp comes into being, filling up a gap in 450-500hp field.

There is no big change in exterior which is mainly obsidian gold. It features Kinland’s high-roof driving cab and equipped with a Dongfeng Cummins ISZ450 41 engine that producing a maximum output of 450hp and maximum torque of 2300N•m. The 6-cylinder 13L displacement features large torque at a low rec, therefore it delivers strong power even at the ignition period and reduces the frequency of shift to a lower gear for climbing hills.

In addition, Dongfeng also launches Kinland Flagship tractor, Kinland 350hp 8x4 Lvtong Van, Dongfeng KR 4x2 Van, and Kinland Light Version exclusive for coal transportation and regional transportation.