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Dongfeng Sees 45% Growth in Heavy and Medium Truck in First Half Year

2017-08-04 15:20:52
In June, Dongfeng Commercial Vehicle sells 15,366 units of medium and heavy trucks, up by 34% year on year,among which 12,984 units for heavy trucks, up by 67% year on year,and 2,240 units for medium trucks. From January to June, the total volume of medium and heavy trucks is 92333 units, up by 45% year on year.

Since April, the heavy truck industry has seen a slower demand compared with the high rise in Q1. Dongfeng Commercial Vehicle, on one hand, capitalizes on the current and future development trend in the medium and heavy truck industry, integrates resources and focuses on R&D to develop such customer satisfactory star models as 13L Dongfeng Kinland Qihang Version, DongFeng KX 480, New Dongfeng KR, Dongfeng Kinland 8×4 Lvtong Version, DongFeng KX 520 and centre axle car carriers.
On the other hand, Dongfeng builds a strong quality firewall to create the best product meeting customers’ expectation, ensuring “both quality and quantity increase”. In the meantime, Dongfeng optimizes the marketing solutions to different segments and carries out marketing transformation through practice on recognizing and cultivating potential dealer and trial test on the mode of responsibility for regional service.