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The rain in summer Teaches, keep your Truck in condition

2017-07-06 09:09:19
In the summer, the high temperature, rain, road water would cause some impact on the truck and injury, the following to the owners summer truck, use and beauty maintenance:
1. Check the air conditioner
Car Air Conditioning are the most Frequently used components in summer. The air conditioner should is checked regularly for lack of fluorine. Secondly, it is necessary to check whether there is leakage. Generally, there is Observation holes on the Drying tank, which can being Judged by the flow of the bubbles;
2. Choose the lubricating oil
Check the oil in the engine and chassis assembly. High Viscosity Lubricating Oil and Boiling Point grease shall is added. In addition, a high boiling point brake fluid (no lower than 115~120 deg C) shall is used;
3., the speed should not to be too fast
To Prevent tire burst, should is in Accordance with the Provisions of the tire Pressure on Inflated Noon to reduce the heat;
4. Adjust the on-board power supply
Reduce the density of the electrolyte of the battery properly, reduce the charging current and voltage properly, and the contacts of the regulator;
5. Check the cooling Facilities
Clear the water jacket in the engine and the scale in the radiator and test the thermostat performance.
Being prepared to deal with storm water surfaces
Although the current freight car technology into rust Treatment is Already very Mature, but the Rainy summer, or to the car body would Bring no small test, this need to pay to attention and Paint Aging:
The intake system should is waterproof
As the empty air filter is mostly made of paper, if the air filter is damp, the intake resistance would be increased, and the corrosion of the internal moving parts to engine is also. Therefore, when driving in Rainy weather, Especially Passing through, the Puddle of the speed is Vehicle to should the Lowered of the avoid system;
Check the drainage system regularly
Check and Dredge the water tank and drain hole on the front Windshield, the Truck in, Prevent and get into the water Accumulation.
Protect Paint surface
The best to Professional beauty paint Coating, Completely isolated Ultraviolet, acid rain and sand Erosion, Coating warranty time are Relatively long, can reach $number years. Besides, it ' s better not-wash your car in the sun.