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Dongfeng and China Aerospace to carry out strategic cooperation

2016-11-11 10:01:08
Dongfeng has entered into a strategic cooperation agreement with China National Aerospace Science and Technology Corporation (hereinafter referred to as "China Aerospace"), a state-owned large high-tech enterprise group. According to the agreement, the two sides will establish long-term and close strategic cooperation relationship based on the principle of "complement each other, share resources, mutually beneficial cooperation and common development", realize strong combination, promote industrial structure transformation and upgrading, and create a new model of cooperation and development . The two sides to determine the technology and research and development, industry and trade, finance and services, group exchanges and other aspects of in-depth and pragmatic cooperation.
The two sides will strengthen mutual exchange and learning, look for the advantages of aerospace technology and Dongfeng Automobile Industry combined projects and opportunities; give full play to their strengths, from the strategic needs, research possible cooperation projects. At the same time, the two sides will actively promote the personnel training, information sharing, management culture exchanges and cooperation. In order to ensure effective cooperation and expand channels of cooperation, the two sides will establish a high-level participation in the irregular meeting system; the two sides set up working groups to coordinate the implementation of cooperation projects.
Aerospace industry is a model of independent innovation in China, the forerunner of scientific and technological innovation, China Aerospace and "space spirit" in many ways worthy of Dongfeng learning. Zhu Yanfeng said that the face of fierce competition in the automotive industry environment, Dongfeng is to further enhance scientific and technological innovation, the level of independent research and development, reduce product costs, to ensure that large-scale production on time to ensure delivery, continuous improvement of product quality. At the same time, with the development of new technologies, new materials and "Internet +", automatic driving, intelligent network connection and lightweight are all important issues faced by Dongfeng. Hope that through scientific and technological exchanges with China Aerospace, project cooperation, so that the two sides in the first technology in a timely manner industrialization