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2016 Top 500 Chinese enterprises: Dongfeng Motor Corporation ranked 16th

2016-11-15 15:52:19
2016 Top 500 Chinese enterprises list released in Changsha Dongfeng Motor Corporation to 520.45 billion yuan of revenue among the top 500 Chinese enterprises in 2016 16, compared with last year raised two.
Prior to this, "Fortune" released 2016 latest world top 500 list. Dongfeng Motor Corporation to 82.2717 billion US dollars of revenue among the Fortune 500, the top 100, ranking 81, compared with 109 the previous year increased by 28, ranking the Chinese enterprises ranked No. 16. At this point, Dongfeng Motor Corporation has for seven consecutive years among the "Fortune" 500 before the world's top 200.
In 2015, Dongfeng Motor Corporation sold 3.82725 million vehicles, Dongfeng own brand car sales 1.2185 million, of which 781,200 passenger cars sales, up 6.6%; independent brand commercial vehicle sales of 437,300, continue to maintain industry-leading , The heavy truck for 12 consecutive years ranked first in the industry. January to July this year, Dongfeng Motor Corporation cumulative sales of vehicles 221.20 million, an increase of 7.17%, the business indicators remained stable, ranked second in the industry.