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Garbage truck fuel tips, save money for your fuel

2016-12-24 10:05:18
Now the market for most of the sanitation garbage truck diesel vehicles, refueling in the petrochemical and petrol stations directly under the oil quality is guaranteed, do not look at the small gas stations are not pleasing to the eye refueling. Garbage truck fuel time is also a good grasp of diesel is the volume rather than the quality of billing, thermal expansion and contraction. Refueling in the morning or at night, the same volume of gasoline can have more quality, save a lot of money, a box of oil can run a few dozen kilometers. Refueling in the way: as much as the way the number of liters of fuel, rather than how much money refueling, because after rounding, often virtually lost money. If you want to run a long distance before the more fresh oil, in the high-speed driving sense of foot.
   In addition, the sanitation garbage truck in the collection of garbage trucks generally in the urban areas, then the fuel tank in the oil not too full, reduce engine load, the initial powerless to make the vehicle fuel consumption Moreover, the city has a lot of gas stations, not afraid of no place Can be added. If the car rarely open, it is recommended to keep the oil low liquid level. Because the gasoline will be a long time to go bad. Garbage truck is usually not easy to fill the fuel tank: because filling the oil is easy to evaporate into the atmosphere caused by air pollution. Not only cause waste, but also harm the air, but also may damage the engine or catalytic converters.