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Dongfeng All Series of Products Upgrade to Challenge the Market Share to 15% in 2017

2016-12-26 10:40:35
On December 16, Dongfeng Commercial Vehicle Company held 2017 Distributors Conference in Wuhan.
In the conference, Dongfeng increased the target of market share to 15%. In terms of the target, Dongfeng has four upgrade of all the series of products, enhance the after-sale service, close to customers through the network construction and continue to improve customer’s satisfaction. 

Power Upgrade
Dongfeng Tianlong Pilot 11L and 13L power will improve 20-30 hp to further consolidate competitive advantage, and Tianlong Flagship power has an improvement from 500 hp to 520 hp.

Reliability Upgrade
Dongfeng new cargo axle has 100 thousand kilometer maintenance interval, including six maintenance items, who is in the leading place in the industry; chassis key components has 40 thousand kilometer maintenance interval, reduce the stop frequency and improve the truck efficiency. 2017 main tractors all has unlimited mileage warranty in three years, the involved number of truck models is highest in the industry; Heavy engineering vehicle highway load and compound merchandise increased from 9 months or 90000 km to 15 months or 120000 km; the maintenance date of DFCV all components has adjusted to six months or 50000km. And the company has also promised not to open the cylinder cover of the four assembly in 200,000km.

Lightweight Upgrade
All of the DFCV products have been made lightweight upgrade, reducing the weight but not the quality. Through the assembly upgrade, lightweight sources application, components structure upgrade, one of the truck has reduced the weight of 800KG. On the tractor delivery and mine market, the advanced weight advantages will be further improved, and the customers income will continue to increase. 

Comfort and intelligent Upgrade
Dongfeng KR drive cab has full upgrade. Based on the advanced reliability, Tianjin increased intelligent to ensure the product competitiveness keep leading in the industry, and make drivers feel more comfort and convenient.