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How to troubleshoot the gearbox

2017-03-06 09:51:16
Transmission shift file failure phenomenon: the car in the speed of the shift lever automatically jump back to neutral position. This phenomenon occurs in the middle, high-speed, sudden changes in load or car by severe vibration, and most of the gears in the high-speed gear.
Cause of transmission shift failure:
L) Due to the excessive wear of the gears, gears or synchronizers, the taper is formed in the direction of the tooth length, and an axial thrust is generated when engaged. In the work, it is affected by the inertia of the shaking and the rotational speed. The gear is disengaged axially;
2) variable speed and bending deformation, wear too much, fixed screw loose or variable speed bar deformation, so that the gear can not be properly engaged;
3) self-locking device wear loose, spring elasticity or break, resulting in insufficient locking force, so that the fork can not be reliably positioned;
4) gears or gears wear too much, along the tooth direction grinding into a cone;
5) shaft and bearing wear serious, axial clearance is too large, or the first and second axis is not parallel to the axis, so that the gear can not normally engage and swing up and down caused by jumping;
6) the shaft of the spline teeth and sliding gear spline groove wear too much;
7) the second axis spline distortion or key tooth wear transition, locking nut loose caused by shaft or gear before and after the channeling drive;
8) Synchronizer lock pin loose, synchronizer stuck or joint tooth length direction has been serious wear;
9) The transmission is not firmly fixed.
Transmission gearbox failure to determine and exclude:
L) When you find a gear shift, the shift lever will change the gear, and then remove the transmission cover to see the gear meshing situation, such as meshing good, should check the fork shaft lock mechanism;
2) by hand to push the gear shift fork test positioning device, such as poor positioning, need to remove the variable fork shaft test positioning ball and spring, such as the spring is too soft or broken should be replaced. If the speed of the fork shaft wear and tear should be repaired or replaced;
3) Check the gear meshing, such as the gear is not fully meshing, by hand to push the gears gear or gear sets can be properly engaged, should check whether the variable speed fork bending or wear too much, and variable speed fork screws are loose, fork and gear Is the slot slot too large? If the variable speed fork should be corrected; if the lower end of the variable speed fork and sliding gear groove should be removed when the excessive repair;
4) If the transmission mechanism is good, and the gear or gear can be properly engaged, you should check whether the gear wear into a cone, such as wear and tear should be replaced;
5) Check the bearing and shaft wear, such as shaft wear serious, loose bearing or shift shaft along the axial movement, should be removed to repair or replacement;
6) check the work of the synchronizer, if the fault should be repaired or replaced;
7) Check the transmission fixing bolts, such as loose should be tightened.