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Ministry of Environmental Protection: severely punish heavy diesel vehicles and other excessive emis

2017-02-24 09:15:27
February 17, Minister of Environmental Protection Chen Jining to Beijing Motor Vehicle Emissions Management Center research. Chen Jining stressed the need to strengthen the construction of motor vehicle monitoring capacity, speed up the construction of the national motor vehicle emission data management platform to enhance the level of regulatory technology, innovative ways to monitor and severely punish heavy diesel vehicles and other excessive emissions of vehicles, and continuously improve the atmospheric quality.

According to the China Environmental News reported on February 20, Beijing is building urban environmental monitoring system at two levels, in accordance with the control of incremental, reduce the overall goal of the stock, to strengthen the new car, in the car, non-road mobile machinery and oil and gas The law enforcement supervision, all-round control of mobile source emissions. In the Beijing Motor Vehicle Emission Management Center, Chen Jining visited the mobile pollution emission control exhibition hall, motor vehicle emission testing laboratory, in the vehicle management and monitoring platform for vehicle emission control technology, new motor vehicle emission detection and road remote sensing monitoring And the annual inspection field of environmental protection and other real investigation and understanding.

At the subsequent symposium, Chen Jining listened to the work report of the Beijing Motor Vehicle Emission Management Center. Chen Jining pointed out that with the rapid increase in China's car ownership, in recent years the country's four auto pollutants (carbon monoxide, hydrocarbons, nitrogen oxides, particulate matter) emissions remain high. In Beijing and Tianjin region mobile source pollution, especially heavy diesel trucks, operating gasoline vehicles, old cars, construction machinery emissions has become an important source of air pollution. We must put the motor vehicle pollution prevention and control in the environmental protection is more important strategic position, increase the intensity of work, the use of scientific and technological means to strengthen regional linkage to enhance the level of supervision, efforts to reduce motor vehicle emissions.

Chen Jining stressed the need to speed up the construction of the national motor vehicle emission monitoring platform and technical support system to promote the new production of motor vehicle information disclosure and national motor vehicle emission inspection information networking, the deployment of regional motor vehicle emission testing laboratories, to provide technical support for supervision; To continue to sum up in practice to explore, focus on breakthroughs in regulatory techniques and methods to speed up the improvement of emission standards system to explore the establishment of China's motor vehicle development status of the management model; to make full use of road remote sensing and other technical means, and gradually establish a high-emission vehicles The full range of monitoring network, focusing on screening more serious emissions of diesel vehicles, operating gasoline vehicles and old cars; to strengthen the use of diesel vans, operating gasoline vehicles, old cars and construction machinery law enforcement supervision, And the public security departments linked to severe penalties for excessive emissions of vehicles, malicious tampering vehicle diagnostic system (OBD) and diesel vehicles to lift the limited twist function does not add vehicle weapons and other malicious violations, according to the law severely punished, and investigate and deal with the results published to the public.