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Integrity, import and export trade company "a gilded signboard"

2016-03-15 16:46:14
The ancients often say "people without a letter and not made, trustworthy in word and resolute in deed", evaluation of a person's moral yardstick "letter", often put in the first place, it suffices to show the importance of "establish a letter". Good faith, this is a topic is a commonplace talk of an old scholar, a never outdated topic.
Today is a special day - March 15th. Integrity is a foothold of the enterprise, only in the credibility of the market competition in a place. Enterprise development depends on the profit support, non-profit enterprises are doomed to failure, but also do not talk about the integrity of the business, for any one of the enterprises, profits, profitability to develop. A long time at a loss of enterprises is unable to provide customers with the integrity of the service. And a reasonable profit is a measure of enterprise and customer development standards, so as to go more long-term. There is a problem, although countries have been crackdown on fake and shoddy products, but truck fake accessories products are still in the market to navigate, so our company has been in this commitment, we use all of the auto parts are original factory parts for Dongfeng company, and in strict accordance with the spare parts management of Dongfeng commercial vehicle company requirements.