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Miou is located in Shiyan, Hubei province, thebiggest automobile manufacturing base of China. Our company isspecializing in R & D, manufacture and sal...
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EQUIP AUTO Show in Algeria had ended successfully!

Janice 2016-03-04 10:15:18

    March 3, 2016. EQUIP AUTO Show in Algeria had ended successfully! Hubei Miou Special  Vehicle Technology Co., Ltd. as invited company participated in the exhibition. Our company not only showed the company quality products, but also consolidated   the existing cooperation relations. We unearthed a large number of potential clients and expanded market .
    Algeria Auto Show is created in 2006 and sponsored by the organizing COMEXPO from France Paris International Auto Parts that belongs to Equip auto Paris International Auto Industry Exhibition for the establishment of southern Europe and North Africa market. The number of buyers reached 10000 people, including 10% foreign buyers, respectively, from more than 20 countries.
    Insight into the foreign automobile market and take the professional platform to Africa, even in the world automobile industry. To display my company's leading product quality and good corporate image. Our staff explained the practical wisdom of professional application, to optimize auto industry in the world   and get faster growth.