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Lightweight will be the inevitable trend of transport vehicles development

2016-11-04 10:04:57

In our country, highway logistics system occupy more than 70% flow goods and people, of countrys  entire transport system. By road transport, whats the relationship between commercial vehicle and highway logistics? After the implementation of the new version of GB1589, what is the impact on the commercial vehicle? We listen to the China Federation Committee of logistics and purchasing equipment director Ma Zengrongs  opinions.

"The share of 80% are in concentration to the more than 3 thousand A-class logistics enterprises"

Ma Zengrong says that in the national 700 thousand logistics enterprises, the share of 80% are in concentration to the more than 3 thousand A-class logistics enterprises, small bulk logistics enterprises will be some links between the logistics enterprises of the whole industry chain.

Ma Zengrong believes that the scale of the logistics market continues to expand, entered a period of steady growth, which is the development of logistics and the development of national economy basically is to match the growth in 2016, the situation is better than last year. Now the needs  of logistics industry development has entered a period of adjustment,  the characteristics of transformation are around the rapid growth of life consumption logistics, which has become a hot market, including courier, electricity supplier, cold chain logistics industry.  The overall decline logistics now called "the heavy white light black", the theme of the logistics market, is actually concentrated in accelerating the pace.

"The development of vehicle light weight is an inevitable trend for Technical assistance to the development of  logistics industry, "

After the implementation of the new GB1589, vehicle load has greatly changed, the heavy truck changes from 55 tons to 46-49 tons, the other is adjusted at the same time, the load models are also different. So, what is the impact of these to the users? Whats the new standard of Vehicle ?

Ma Zengrong believes that the advanced production technology will help the development of the logistics industry, lightweight vehicle will be the future development of the hot spot and trend.

Ma Zengrong said, nowadays,transportation technology standardization is the biggest problem restricting our logistics industry .Vehicle standards, the original vehicle standards, including the development of vehicle enterprises, did not  achieved  interoperability.  including the base unit of packaging to adapted transportation, especially suitable for tray of national standards,    the core of the previous development vehicle is short board. But the new GB1589 has revised the two content into account, in fact, its  not obvious what foreign technology leading points, but their organization for standardization, through using the ring packing, including transport of the transport efficiency is very high.


Vehicle intelligent technology, will make the car and car,  car and driver, car and the enterprise,  the car and goods, goods and goods, will be in the vehicle technology with the Internet of things technology to achieve interoperability of the entire industry.

Moreover, with the implementation of the new GB1589, vehicle type and load has greatly changed, so, I think the lightweight vehicle will be a development trend. "Ma Zengrong said further, lightweight vehicle technology, can make the vehicle weight reduce 1 ton, tons of cargo can be a light meal but Dora. In our country, the spread of overloading in road transport has insisted for many years, so that our country has not been very good in the use of  lightweight transport, which indicates that the light will be hot and the trend of development in the future.


"However, lightweight vehicle is a long process. The development of lightweight vehicles, should not sacrifice the safety of a car." Ma Zengrong suggested that car prices in the production of lightweight vehicles, can reduce weight and despise the vehicle safety, the security risks to the lightweight production car driver. The car, to safety as the first priority, lightweight is a trend is a long process,  this process must ensure the drivers  safety, and ensure to improve the user benefits.