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Global sales of new energy vehicles was blowout growth

2016-11-03 10:31:37

“Even if oil prices remain low, by 2025, the choice of new energy vehicles will be lower than the cost of traditional fuel vehicles. By 2040, its sales will account for the total passenger car sales of 35%. "Bloomberg New Energy Finance recently released a study, said the future sales of new energy vehicles or will show a blowout growth, the range may be more than governments and oil companies expect more violent.


According to the forecast, the future of car battery prices will drop significantly, which will allow the purchase and use of new energy vehicles to become a more economical choice. 2015 new energy vehicle sales rose 60%, has reached 462000 vehicles. By 2040, its total sales will reach 41 million. When the number of new energy vehicles will account for a quarter of global passenger car stock. The world will also reduce the daily average of 13 million barrels of oil demand.


The forecast is mainly based on new energy for car battery prices. Since 2010, lithium-ion battery costs continue to decline. In 2015, its price has dropped to 350 US dollars per kilowatt-hour, down 65%. Research estimates that by 2030, the cost of new energy automotive batteries will be far lower than $ 120 per kilowatt-hour, and with the new chemical materials, application of technology innovation, the cost will continue to decline.


Research estimates that by the mid-1920s, purely new energy vehicles without subsidies under the premise, even if the fuel vehicle to 3.5% annual rate of increase in fuel efficiency, select the cost of new energy vehicles will remain lower than the traditional fuel vehicles.


Analysts said the next few years, the new energy vehicles and fuel vehicles will remain the balance between the cost of the latter. Therefore, during this period, in addition to individual subsidies to enjoy the region, the new energy vehicles in the vast majority of market sales will not exceed the local passenger car sales of 5%. However, after 2020, the cost of these two vehicles will be earth-shaking changes in contrast. The first generation with a long mileage and has a close friend of the price of pure new energy vehicles in the next 18 months is expected to enter the market.


At present, the global total sales of new energy vehicles has reached about 1.3 million, and in 2015 showed a strong growth trend. However, its full-year 2015 sales in the global total passenger car sales accounted for still less than 1%.