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Look at the face of the era of truck color is important ?

2017-02-06 11:31:04
What is the criteria for selecting a truck ?
This problem is relatively vague, many users will be on the vehicle configuration, performance, fuel consumption and other requirements, these needs is basically the car buyers objective environment birth, such as according to different transport road conditions, the work scene to determine their own standard car, these Not yet out of the properties of the means of production.
With the growth of the new generation of truck users, choose a suitable, on behalf of their own personality and taste of the color of the emerging drivers of the needs of the group, while logistics and transport increasingly standardized today, express logistics company's color requirements of the team has gradually become Procurement of an important basis for vehicles. In other words, the look of the face of the era, the color of the truck more and more important months.
● Single color to multi-color system users choose more and more .

China's truck industry has just started, the domestic values of "PLA" complex peak, the famous writer Wei Wei to the People's Liberation Army to become the most lovely people, the girl mate preference is the PLA Ouba, truck color is relatively simple, military green At that time the most mainstream color.

To the early 90s of last century, the domestic brands of trucks began to focus on their own color, such as the green long head of the wind, the blue long head liberation, and orange-red Steyr 91, red-white beige 30.290 ( And the blue Qingling NKR, although the overall color of the truck is relatively rich, but with a foreign brand of colorful truck road gallop compared to the same brand of domestic truck color is still relatively single.
Into the 21st century, many domestic truck OEMs began to deepen the study of vehicle color to Auman as the representative of the cutting-edge truck brand early market, to provide users with safe and reliable products, to the user more bright and dazzling Color, color to the domestic truck into the clean, so that users have more choice of color space, but also for its open up the market when the accumulation of good reputation.
● Auman super truck customized vitality orange and Mercedes-Benz silver most popular
Since ancient times, we have a state of mind, I hope people dress up through our dress, the external dress to come, we can see, The performance of our own mood, character and even the inner world.
Similarly, the choice of truck color, but also to varying degrees, reflects the car's personal mentality or brand advocates, such as the main city green muck cars, will choose to represent the green green, rather than the traditional yellow; Conservative color, distinct personality of more than 90 users will choose bright, more jump bright color system.
Recently, Foton Daimler cars in the truck home platform for the upcoming Auman super truck for online ordering, involving users, including Riyongbaihuo, cold chain logistics and transport of dangerous goods and other industries users. We found that young card Friends of the vitality of this relatively bright orange color the highest demand, and Mercedes-Benz silver this classic color in the second. In other words, Auman super truck potential users are mainly concentrated in the young users and traditional loyal fans.