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New 5 tons straight arm EQ5160JSQZM1 lorry crane manufacturers

2017-02-08 09:25:37
Lorry crane truck, also known as the truck crane, in some places under the habit, also known as car cranes, since the crane. Set for the hoisting and transport in one, more for stations, warehouses, terminals, construction sites, field rescue and other places. Can be equipped with different lengths of cargo and different tonnage of the crane.

product Dongfeng straight arm truck crane
emission standard national IV
fuel type desiel
cargo body size 4500X2300X550mm
wheel base 5150
G.V.W 14900
rated loading capacity 6705
curb weight 8200
cabin Yulong cabin
chassis model EQ1160ZZ4GJ1
drive type 4*2
cargo box All iron plate/iron wood floor
frame (girder height) (mm) 232/250/280 Double, three layers locality(special lorry-mounted crane girders
F/R axle f2800/r8000, f5000/r10000
gear box dongfeng 6 gear650/900
leaf spring 9/10
tire apecification 10.0R20
tire number 7
axle 2