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Method of vehicle repair common errors

2016-09-12 09:27:54
The owner in the automobile service and repair has some false belief, these false belief is the formation of long-term on the low level of automobile manufacturing, repair method is backward, the lack of testing means the days. The. These false belief sometimes seems right, in fact, has great harm, can make the vehicle damage, personal safety is threatened, and the greater likelihood is thus laid the accident hidden danger, or cause decrease of vehicle performance, wear faster, shorter life.
A blind, remove engine thermostat
If the engine temperature is high and the blindly remove the thermostat, cooling liquid can only proceed big circulation, can not adjust the cooling intensity, to ensure that the engine work in the appropriate temperature, but the engine is often in low temperature condition, resulting in reduction of engine power, fuel consumption increase speed up the wear and tear. If the engine thermostat failure repair or replacement, the engine temperature is high, it should be the other site maintenance of cooling system, can not remove the thermostat.
Two, the engine temperature is afraid of high not low
Some people think that driving the engine temperature if high not low. In fact, the engine temperature is low is also a great harm. According to the normal temperature auto manual provisions driving, can guarantee the service life of the engine.
Three, pump and the fan belt tightening the better
The belt tightening is not possible. The belt is too tight will not only make the elongated or fracture, shorten the service life of the belt, but also because tension is too large, resulting in early damage to the generator shaft, shaft bending deformation and bearing. Automobile engine fan belt tightness should meet the technical requirements, the normal deflection when the belt assembly is appropriate for the 10-15mm.
In four, the engine idle temperature
With the idle temperature, due to the lower speed, the oil pump can not quickly the lubricating oil into the lubricating oil pressure is low, the surface, the motion of engine parts in the dry or semi dry friction condition; fuel due to low temperature atomization bad, cause the unburned fuel gas into the crankcase, scour out of the oil film on the cylinder wall, will accelerate the wear parts. So, start the engine after a few seconds, application of fast idle temperature in the modern car designed with fast idle speed control, temperature rise, will automatically adjust to the idle state, improve the lubrication condition of engine.
Five, burner for baking oil bottom
Winter burner for baking oil bottom, will not only make the additives in the oil and chemical changes, loss of the original performance, but also the oil cement, oil bottom deformation, easy to cause fire. The best approach is based on the minimum temperature in winter oil suitable for use. In areas where conditions permit, the best vehicle park in heat preservation facilities in the garage.
Removal method is more advanced ultrasonic spray method and the removal of nuclear clearance method, but the most often used, the most simple way is the physical removal and chemical removal method. These two methods can also be used.