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Have a knack for winter maintenance

2016-09-20 10:35:41
The cold winter is coming, the car how winter maintenance has become the owners concerned about the topic. Vehicle during the warranty period, some fault will inevitably. The car needs "three points, seven minutes to raise", is through the positive inspection and maintenance, to discover and eliminate some initial, latent, hidden fault.
Cooling system
Regularly check the water tank, water pump, water tank, water pipe belt and other parts are working properly in winter, if damage or failure, the best timely repair or replacement. Or may order a small pipe, a waste of a bucket of antifreeze. Especially some car summer high temperature, repair personnel to remove the thermostat, although can solve the problem in winter than summer, in turn.
Warm wind
A summer breeze of the place, often malfunction, the best first try there is no hot, fan running any abnormal sound, the wind is smooth. The problems encountered are sometimes in antifreeze heaters pipes does not flow for a long time, condensation cycle to plug the pipeline, although not affect traffic, but it is very troublesome to repair.
Many drivers generally do not check antifreeze habit, but when driving a go to north area, it is necessary to pay attention to. Check whether the lack of liquid, with or without modification, if necessary, to supplement or replace. Antifreeze may seem trivial, but the impact on the car's very large, light blocking the pipeline, heavy corrosion damage. So use caution antifreeze, one is not to mix, two is the use of fake and shoddy products do not. In addition, in general, antifreeze should be two years for a time, the best replacement before use clean water to the cooling system clean.
Engine oil
Check the label is low, there is no lack of or deterioration. The winter cold oil is too thick, will affect the start, also increased the wear of machine parts. At the same time when diluted oil lubrication and sealing performance will decrease. To select high-quality composite oil in winter. If the specified time or near the oil, preferably before the weather gets cold change.
Windshield glass
Windshield clear is the basic condition for safe driving. The winter should be regular cleaning wiper, rain ensures scraping windshield. In addition, the glass of water can add windshield deicing agent. Windshield freezes, the glass of water spray, ice can be melted, unlike ordinary glass of water, ice more spray more trouble.
The body
Before winter, the best to the car body is added with a layer of protective film. With Teflon polymer paint coating or mirror glaze, can resist the erosion of acid rain and fog. Drive to the north area, encountered snow road sprinkle saline, splash into the body of water does great harm to the car paint, want to notice to clean.
In winter, the vehicle chassis is always direct and rainwater dealing, it is easy to rust, speeding the tire will put the mud flung to the automobile chassis. After rain the sky looks blue., vehicle chassis began to rust. So, spend the best time in the winter before, to the chassis make a rust preventive care.
Batteries are most afraid of low temperature, the battery capacity at low temperature than the capacitor at room temperature much lower volume. So before the cold season, the battery electrolyte should be added, adjusting the proportion of the electrolyte. At the same time, clean the battery terminal, and coated with special oil to protect, ensure a reliable start, prolong the service life of the accumulator. If the vehicle is in the open air or cold a few weeks do not park, remove the battery, stored in a warmer room, to prevent ice damage to the battery.
Tire rubber in the winter will harden and relatively brittle, will reduce the friction coefficient, so the tire pressure is not too high, but more is not too low. The external temperature is low, the tire pressure is too low, the soft tyres serious accelerated aging. Often should clean up the tread of inclusion in the winter, try to avoid using up more than one tire, replace worn out larger and different patterns of different brands of tires. Different inside and outside tire wear, in order to ensure the safety and reduce wear, should be regularly to the tire replacement position.