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Ministry of Communications: 10 kinds of acts included in the list of serious overload

2017-02-13 17:25:56

In any of the following circumstances, it should be included in the serious illegal overrun:
(1) The freight vehicle has transported more than three times within one year;

(2) the driver of the freight vehicle has transported more than three times within one year;

(3) The road transport enterprise has more than 10% of the total number of freight vehicles transported by the illegal transport vehicles within one year and is ordered to suspend business for rectification by the road transport management institution;

(4) motor vehicle maintenance operators without modification of motor vehicles, the circumstances are serious, was revoked business license;

(5) Instructing and compelling the driver of the vehicle to overtake the goods by the road transport authority, impose a fine of more than 20,000 yuan or give more than three administrative penalties within one year;

(6) to conceal the relevant circumstances or to provide false materials to apply for administrative license overtaking, or to fraud, bribery and other improper means to obtain administrative license;

(7) overrun overloaded transport vehicle drivers, source units, large transport enterprises without justification to refuse the relevant departments to supervise and inspect or provide false information;

(8) to impose administrative penalties by the public security organ according to law because of obstruction of traffic, forced impulse, violent resistance to law, destruction of related facilities and equipment;

(9) causing a major liability accident due to overloading and exceeding the same liability;

(10) Violence against the law causes death or injury.