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Ex-factory price of tires rose 40%

2017-02-10 11:02:21
After the Spring Festival holiday, a wave of tire companies also announced price increases, price tide wave after wave.
February 6, Shanghai Double Tire Sales Co., Ltd. announced price increases. Since February 13, the replacement of the market light truck, load, tubeless series full wire tire products, in the January 26 price list on the basis of the overall rise of 3%. Since February 20, the price on February 13 on the basis of an additional 2%. The prices involved in the brand, including double money, back to power, 000 World, leap, super fleet and so on. Double money tires, raw material prices led to rising manufacturing costs, has seriously affected the company's business. They want the understanding and support of the dealers and supervise their retailers to sell at the suggested retail price.