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Prevention of five types of accident occurred with the truck crane

2017-03-20 09:42:04
There are a large number of special equipment in the hanging, wide range of applications, the price is expensive. From the common car crane accident damage and the reasons for the analysis, which is roughly divided into the following categories.
A tipping accident
The accident has a very high proportion and is one of the most common accidents. Most of the tramway overturned is due to improper operation of the front support, such as uneven foundation or soft, and no legs or track laying under the pad or road plate (steel); Stretched out and still use the original performance table; are likely to cause the car crane tipping.
Second, fold (broken) arm accident
As a result of the super-torque lifting (mainly super-amplitude) or for the boom amplitude of the crane boom arm failure and overturning or tipping tipped and so easy to cause folding (broken) arm.
Third, the top hook (decoupling) accident
Decoupling accident refers to heavy objects or special spreader from the hook off caused by the loss of heavy objects. The main reason is due to the hook of the cable off the device failure or lifting method caused by improper.
Fourth, broken rope accident
Broken rope accident refers to the rope or hoisting rope buckle caused by the loss of heavy objects, this accident is also very common. Mainly due to overloading hoisting wire rope; skewed cable caused by broken wire rope cut off; or because the wire rope to continue to use the scrapped standard caused by broken rope.
Five, electric shock accident
Electric shock accident is generally referred to in the crane operation and electrical maintenance of the operating personnel, due to electric shock suffered a personal injury casualties occurred. In other words, the cause of electric shock is generally high because the crane crane from the bare high-voltage transmission line is too close to ensure a sufficient safety distance leaving the crane crane itself with electricity, resulting in the operator indirectly by high pressure Electric injury.