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About DongFeng truck movie

2017-03-21 09:34:06
The film "Feng Chi" tells a warm story of positive energy, successfully created a brave, upright, enthusiastic image of a good driver of China, and from the perspective of foreigners to see the Chinese people and China made a new look, showing the Dongfeng commercial vehicles open to the international self-confidence attitude. 

For the Volvo Ocean Race tense prepared for the Dongfeng team, in Sanya, Hainan, intense training, the need for emergency transport of goods, a logistics company driver Dong Feng stepped in, on the way occasionally took a band out of the band's foreign violinist, but it is the beginning of trouble , In the face of heavy rain, lack of oil, high-speed closure and other difficulties, the criminals trailing and to the crisis followed, Dong Feng how to face ... ...