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The right way to use the crane brake

2017-02-17 09:17:08
The lane brake is to keep the speed downhill or to slow down to stop, and the hand brakes are able to stop the parked vehicle in place. Proper use of the brake can not only guarantee the safety of the car crane, but also help to improve the fuel consumption and life of the crane. The following describes the correct use of the car crane brake:
1, mud and ice and snow brake. In the mud and snow on the road driving, because the adhesion coefficient is very small, with the crane is prone to slip, therefore, in driving should try to reduce the speed, in case of situation, timely release the throttle, so that the car crane to slow down, Avoid using brakes, especially to avoid emergency braking, so as to avoid risk and accidents.
2, ordinary brake. When the driver arrives at the destination or found a situation, the general way to take early braking, that is, to recover the throttle, so that the car crane slowdown, when the car crane close to the target, and then light step on the brake pedal To stop the car. Especially with trailers and traction other vehicles, because the traction installation of the convergence of parts prone to impact, it should be slow down, light step on the brake.
3, downhill braking. Especially under the long slope, it is strictly forbidden to hang the slippery, should be downhill into the low gear or the use of exhaust deceleration brake installation, when the car crane speed is too high, and then use the driving brake, if the driving brake failure , It is also possible to reduce the vehicle speed by hand braking. When using hand brake, can not - sub-tight, should pull, loose about, and then pull, loose about, repeat the stop.
4, emergency braking. On the way to the car, if the emergency situation, with the early way to slow down, should use emergency braking, you can stop in the shortest interval. Generally should be used to brake and parking brake at the same time to enhance the braking effect, but also pay attention to the purpose of the front, if necessary, use the steering wheel to control the direction of sliding, so as to avoid serious problems. This brake has a great influence on the service life and should be used as far as possible.